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Business Performance Institute (BPI) is a learning consulting company.

Their purpose is to partner with leaders and teams to unlock their amazing potential in business, society, and life.

BPI designs and delivers tailored capability-building programs to address your strategic organizational needs. By thought-partnering with your teams globally, BPI helps them to strengthen their technical and leadership core capabilities, achieving lasting business transformations.

In short: real learning for high performance.

BPI provides these services in a custom fashion to build the perfect solution for your unique needs

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BPI's learning philosophy:

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember,
I do and I understand 


design & facilitation

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The co-creation club provides a design service of virtual workshop templates, designed and built for                *.

Save yourself hours of work by leaving the design and development of your virtual workshop templates
to me, someone who is passionate about aesthetically pleasing yet effective design. 


What I offer: 

*If you use a different platform, like Mural, let's have a chat and I'm sure we'll work something out!

ready-to-go & high-quality templates

great participant engagement

effective & clear instructional design

various visual styles

innovative and playful design elements

integration of multi-media


3+ year experience with facilitation & moderation

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The above templates are a result of Marieke's work as ongoing team member at BPI

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