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caching overview

the co-creation club explained


can be defined as "a form of collaborative innovation: ideas are shared and improved together, rather than kept to oneself". In the CCC, co-creation represents living by conscious choice, collaborative efforts and taking responsibility for change through a process of awareness creation & visualisation. The word co-creation stands for the energy that will empower you to achieve your goals and get to where you want to be.

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the club

gain clarity on what is holding you back

take responsibility over conscious life choices 

create your own mental narrative

discover a more powerful & fearless you 


make the changes and impact you desire

Are you someone who...?

is feeling stuck 

feels often overwhelmed with life

often thinks: is this it?

feels pressured to do well


is not sure how to make a change 

Join the co-creation club to...

follows a long-term vision to create a community where change makers inspire each other to take action and currently represents the playful sandbox in which you can experiment with creating. Whether it's creating a team dynamic that smashes targets, a better parent-in-crime relationship with your partner, or a business that let's you fulfil your calling, or a career that makes you love Mondays, the club will be the space where you take the responsibility to create the outcome that is optimal for you. 

invites you to see what you want to see. However, it's design contains a dynamic composition of the 3 C's in the co-creation club that together form a colourful and playful eye-a symbol that represents both awareness and visualisation. The eye's 'lashes' symbolise multiple individuals who in the process together.


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