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Coaching & development 
to help you 
your optimal




At some point in time, everyone will experience feeling stuck or having thoughts like "is this it?". Whether it's an unfulfilling job, a difficult relationship, an underperforming team, or turbulent life changes, you just want to feel like your optimal self again and you need something about your situation to change.


The co-creation club (CCC) is a professional coaching and development business and is here to help you in those moments. Its purpose is to support you in moving from where you are now to where you want to be, through a process of awareness creation, visualisation, and conscious change making.


The CCC offers coaching and refers to Business Performance Institute (BPI) for design, facilitation and learning consulting services.

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performance = potential - interferences


Through working with Marieke, I not only became more aware of myself, my energy levels and how it influences my day to day life, I also learned to work through barriers that were holding me back from actualizing my full potential. If you are looking for someone who gives you a quick fix - this is not the coach for you! If you are looking for someone who helps you to discover more of your true self in relation to everything around you and grow past your limitations, then Marieke is your coach to partner with for a thought provoking and creative process!

Raffael Skalnik, CEO @ ARRIVE

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